Using a sensitive, caring approach I will gently help you to explore your issues e.g. anxiety, worry, negative thinking, bereavement, work/life balance, relationships, life transitions, whatever troubles the unique person that you are.


About Starfish Life Coaching


I feel blessed and privileged to be a Life Coach, working with people and watching them turn their lives around. Feel free to get in touch with me anytime.


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What We Do?

Well just look at the services that we offer at Starfish Inspiration Life Coaching

Business Life Coach

Supporting you to explore, develop and achieve the very best planned outcomes for you and your business

Career Life Coach

Encouraging and supporting you to develop your goals and ambitions and move towards your next work life adventure

Health and Wellness Life Coach

Working with you and supporting you to reach your optimum physical and mental health

Personal Life Coach

Helping you to turn your life around and move towards the happy, prosperous fulfilling life you’ve always wanted

Relationship Life Coach

Empowering and supporting you towards happy, supportive, harmonious, loving, fulfilling relationships

Spiritual Life Coach

Guiding and supporting you on your spiritual journey to explore that innate part of you that yearns to be rediscovered and developed

Why Starfish Inspiration?

There’s something magical about being beside the sea. Perhaps it’s just my roots calling to me.The ocean is my go to place when I need some space to think. It has always had a very special place in my heart. To me it’s a place for reflection and healing.

We are all on a journey through this world. The least we can do is to help each other and support each other on that journey. We can make a difference in the lives of others however small. This Starfish story is an old one. Sometimes the old stories are the best aren’t they? This Starfish story resonated within me and I just knew I had to use my skills to make a difference in the lives of others..


Elaine is a wonderful and dedicated life coach. She took the time to understand what problems I was facing, always looking at the positive and what challenges I wanted to overcome and achieve.
I feel elaine has helped me progress and always goes that extra mile to ensure you receive the ultimate support and guidance. Anyone would be blessed to be able to work with Elaine.
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Wonderful and dedicated life coach

I worked with Mrs Wood in Aberdeenshire Psychological service some time ago. I found her to be a hard working, reliable member of staff who was enthusiastic and supportive of colleagues, parents and pupils.

Mrs Wood was perceptive and empathetic and coped with highly stressful situations calmly and sensibly. She was always well organised and thorough in her style of dealing with work and people. Members of staff often looked to her for advice and she was innovative in her approach.

I am aware that Mrs Wood has continued to extend her skills and knowledge base in many ways and applies these to the situations in which she finds herself. I have great confidence in the way she tackles problems and seeks solutions. She is motivational and has a positivity about her manner which affects those with whom she works.

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Mrs Elaine Wood

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Do I Need a Life Coach or a Therapist?

  As many of you are aware I came from a background as a psychologist to the role of Life Coach. Due to my previous work experience, I feel that it is important for people to be aware of the distinction between the two. This is really the main reason...

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I Need A Free Life Coach

I Need a Free Life Coach Well- meaning relatives and friends often like to think that they can help you to solve all your issues and problems. If the amount of problem pages we see in magazines is anything to go by I guess there is an amateur agony aunt in...

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