Relationship Life Coaching


Relating to others is an important part of everyday life. It can bring much joy or can continually be a thorn in your side. We at Starfish Inspiration Life Coaching are passionate about helping you make happy, supportive, harmonious, loving, peaceful, fulfilling relationships. The relationships that we see around us when we are growing up often become the models for us when we reach adult hood. If we have grown up in an environment where the relationships were hostile or involved manipulation then we might find ourselves unintentionally recreating these relationships with our own thoughts and behaviors. The good news is that Relationship Coaching can help us to find a more positive way to function around others. It can also work on removing the blocks we have built up around our relationships and help us to learn a more productive, peaceful path in coexisting with others.

Often when we are having some difficulty with our relationships, we look for the other person to change.  We often think, if only the person would do this or be that, then everything would be okay. We need however to recognize our own role in creating our peaceful, loving relationships. More often than not, the greatest change in the relationship comes when we change. Simply by moving from a place of being critical and nagging to a place of being supportive, loving and caring is one strategy that can help turn things around for sure. It is very easy to become locked into the negative trap and finding yourself seeing nothing but the negative.  Sometimes even a slight change of focus towards the positive can be the catalyst for change in the relationship.

So what aspects of relationships can Starfish Inspiration Life Coaching help you with? Well you may be looking for love and eager to find that special person. You may be experiencing marital challenges or going through conflict with your siblings or other members of your family.  You may have experienced a change of status in your relationship such as break up, divorce or even the loss of a loved one. These events can leave you hurt, angry and bewildered and not sure how to face the future. Marital and family conflicts are especially loaded emotionally. They can drain your energy and if the issues are not addressed, they can leave you nursing anger and bitterness that eventually takes its toll on you as it begins to affect your own health. Forgiving them in your own heart and mind is not being a doormat or rolling over and condoning what they did, it’s releasing the destructive power the situation or the person has over you so that your own healing can take place.

Good communication skills are the key to successful personal and professional relationships. Greater understanding of how you are communicating and what people are actually picking up from your communication, can mean the difference between harmony and conflict. With better communication skills you are clearly able to deliver your message in a way that respects and acknowledges others, rather than fueling bitterness and resentment. You are able to resolve conflicts more easily and learn how to overcome toxic relationships. You are more confident in establishing boundaries in your relationships so that those involved are clear what is acceptable and aware of when they have crossed the line. We at Starfish Inspiration Life Coaching can help you to explore these issues in your relationships and help you create the vision of the fulfilling relationships you want.