I Need a Free Life Coach

Well- meaning relatives and friends often like to think that they can help you to solve all your issues and problems. If the amount of problem pages we see in magazines is anything to go by I guess there is an amateur agony aunt in every one of us. We as humans do seem to have a natural curiosity about other people, even going as far at times as to be sucked into their dramas. Like some giant soap opera being played out in real life. It’s a fact of life though that you should always be the conductor of your own orchestra. You must be the designer of your own destiny, as only you know how you truly feel and the wishes, dreams and longing you carry in your heart. Many people search for what they term their life purpose. The why am I in this world question, resonates within all of us at some point in our lives. It’s a question that has challenged great minds from the dawn of time and I suspect will continue to challenge those of the future. One thing is for sure you are here to live life to the full. To make every minute of it matter and to experience and learn and grow. I think that’s quite enough to be getting on with for one life-time.

So would everyone benefit from having a Life Coach? The answer is yes probably. So wouldn’t my Aunt Jemima, my best friend Betty or that lovely nurse in the doctor’s office fill the role of my Life Coach? And they’re free! Well no not really you see there’s training and skill to being a Life Coach. It’s about knowing the right questions to ask and knowing what to do with the answers you get. It’s about inspiring, empowering and motivating people. Yes I guess Aunt Jemima is a lovely soul but I can’t picture her doing that. Come to think of it there are probably things you might want to say and share with a coach that you might not necessarily feel able to with Aunt Jemima. Your work with your Life Coach is strictly confidential and there is no way it would end up the subject of the next Bunco reunion.

My mission is to make a difference in the lives of others and I’m passionate about helping people. If I can do that I believe we can change the world. It all begins at the level of the individual. Even a mighty oak started out as a tiny little seed. With that in mind I always think it very important that people are comfortable with the whole Life Coaching process and with me as their personal coach.  I offer a free 30 minute no obligation Life Coaching session so you can see if you think we can work together. The average time that people access life Coaching is 3 months or so they say in official circles. I don’t have a crystal ball unfortunately and everyone is unique so I don’t tie people into huge blocks of Life Coaching. I prefer to work with the unique individual you are and find a way to make it happen for you that fits with your needs, your schedule and your finances. Life Coaching is a great investment for your own personal development and growth. Try it and watch yourself take off in directions you never dreamed were possible.