Health and Wellness Life Coaching


Good health is the most important part of your life. We at Starfish Inspiration Life Coaching are passionate about supporting you to reach your optimum physical and mental health.  We recognize the importance of maintaining good health as an essential part of your being if you want to be able to function successfully in your daily life.

What can Health and Wellness Coaching really do for you? Well I guess we all have different starting points and we all have different goals and levels of health and wellness that we want to address. We are unique individuals with our own issues and concerns. You tell us what you would like to accomplish and we will help to guide and support you to set up the goals that will help you to succeed. Health and Wellness is a journey. Let us help you on your journey. Imagine being able to experience more balance in your life. Being able to smile more and stress less and having the confidence to go forward with your dreams which overall can lead you to better physical emotional and mental health. What goes on inside you is often reflected on the outside so you’ll not only feel better but you’ll look better too. Watch your energy levels soar and rediscover your sparkle and spring in your step. Imagine reversing the weight gain and feeling better about yourself than you have in a long time. No more visits to the doctor’s surgery and that sinking feeling as you step on the scales. Imagine feeling empowered and in control of your own health.

With Health and Wellness Life Coaching we can address the blocks that have been holding you back and you can at last be empowered to reverse those negative feelings that have been dragging you down for so long. You will begin to recognize how your very own thoughts and outlook on life can empower your body to optimize its own healing. We can all become ill now and then for sure, but sometimes instead of allowing the body to heal, we unconsciously hold on to our illness or health complaint as they seem to serve a purpose for us. Maybe it’s the valid excuse we’ve been looking for to have some time away from that job that has become a chore that is draining us day after day. Sometimes stepping away from the job allows us to reflect and look in on it rather than being in it. We may then see it for what it is and it holds no joy for us anymore. We recognize the time we have spent away from family and friends and how our priorities have become skewed. If we are honest we will all acknowledge how nice it is to be cosseted and pampered when we are under the weather. We have to be aware though that for some people, they feel this is their only way to gain attention and even create drama. It actually becomes part of who they are and their response to difficult situations. Health and Wellness coaching can work with you to break out of that mold and build your own resilience in the face of adversity.

We hear a lot these days about positive mental attitude. I often think we forget the role our mind plays in our overall health. There are some amazing stories of people recovering from major health scares. Sure these people have benefited from skilled nursing and medical intervention but often their own sheer determination to get well has been an important factor in their recovery. Health and Wellness is about respecting and loving yourself. I don’t mean loving yourself in a conceited narcissistic way, full of your own importance but in a quiet humble way, appreciating what an amazing wonderful creation of heaven you are. Why not give yourself the gift of health and wellness?