Career Life Coaching

We at Starfish Inspiration Life Coaching provide each individual with the courage and support to propel them towards a brighter, more positive, fulfilling career.

Sadly, the days of the job for life seem to be slipping away. More and more people are being tossed back on the job market and called upon to become increasingly flexible as they find themselves caught in the shifting sands of employment. More than ever, people have a great need for somewhere to turn when the axe of unemployment hits them. Career Life Coaching can help you to redefine your strengths and your goals. Sometimes the skills we have are so entrenched and hidden within us that we take them for granted.  We often need to be reminded of these skills and how they can help us to function in a whole new role. Career Life Coaching can help to explore our core values to find a comfortable match between who we truly are, the type of work that inspires us and the culture of the company that we may wish to embrace.

Of course Career Life Coaching is not just for those who have become unemployed. Indeed you might just be starting out on your working life and up until now just haven’t quite found that niche you’re looking for. Through exploration of your skills, your wants and your future vision, we can help you to come up with an action plan that can finally give you that sense of direction that has so far eluded you.

Many people these days feel trapped in their existing employment. They spend their working days wishing for Friday. They see themselves as on a perpetual grind that is slowly wearing them down day after day. Career Life Coaching can break this cycle as people once again become motivated within their existing employment or become passionate about moving on to pastures new. Life suddenly becomes exciting again. Waking up in the morning becomes a joy with the anticipation of being headed to a job that they find fulfilling and they feel whole heartedly serves a greater purpose.

Whether you’re looking for your first job, seeking to progress in your existing employment or eager to explore the next steps in a whole new career for you, we can support you with every step you are ready to take. Your future has never looked so good.